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Popular WHS Scheduler App Gets An Update

Posted Aug. 23, 2019

NOTE: This story comes from westsidewired.net.  Luke Steiner, the news editor for the Lance, is the author.

WHS Scheduler is an app available to download on both Android and iOS phones.  It was created for Westside High School students to view their schedules throughout the day. Junior Andrew Li created the first version of the app in October 2017, and, as of Thursday, August 15, WHS Scheduler went through an in-app update that brought new features.

“[The update] was more for myself because the code wasn’t very well tested or very well run,” Li said. “So, I wanted to rewrite it in new language so it would be more robust. In that process, I wanted to change the interface, make it look a little bit more polished and add some new features people were asking for.”

Li said that the rewrite of the app took about a month to complete. He said that the new features written in were both for the aesthetic and the function of the app.

“One big thing is people wanted dark mode,” Li said. “I didn’t realize it was such a popular thing but that was a huge component. Adding teachers’ schedules, I think, is a helpful feature. If you want to know when to meet up with teachers you don’t have to go to the scheduler website. Finally, I added some notifications. I don’t always have to open the app, it’ll just tell me when I open up my phone right before passing period starts.”

Another feature that was added to the app is its ability to function without using cellphone service or Wi-Fi.

Senior Annika Wilmers said that she finds the app to be helpful and that it saves her time.

“I like that you can see other teachers’ schedules,” Wilmers said. “It was really annoying when you could only see yours but still have to take out your laptop to look at the teacher. Then it was like there was no point for the app.”


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