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Westside High School


The United States Department of Education has recognized Westside High School twice as a National Blue Ribbon School.

A rigorous academic program and graduation requirements give the school a reputation for innovation and excellence. Eighty-five percent of our students have completed the ACT-defined core curriculum in math, science, English and social studies versus 66 percent of students in Nebraska. Westside High School is traditionally a state leader in the percentage of its graduates recognized as National Merit Scholars. SAT and ACT scores are consistently above metro, state and national averages.

The school’s modular scheduling system offers students the opportunity to take a greater number and a wider variety of courses than is possible with traditional scheduling.

Westside High School is designed so that learning expands beyond the four walls of the classroom. A renovation completed in 2000 includes space for learners to collaborate with teachers and their peers. In 2004, Westside High School was the first public school in the state to issue computers to each of its students. The building’s wireless network received a major upgrade in 2014, allowing for extended technology use inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, The PowerSchool student information system links parents and students to grades, homework and attendance information 24 hours a day.

Although Westside students work hard academically, they put that same imagination and drive into co-curricular activities. A diverse program offers students opportunities to be involved in everything from sports and music to drama and debate.

More academic and demographic information about Westside High School can be found on the state of Nebraska Department of Education website.

Westside High School also features highly educated teachers. Many have advanced degrees, a sign of their commitment to the profession and to students.

Percentage of Staff with Advanced Degrees
Year                No. of Staff       % of Staff

2010-11               98                     68.06

2011-12               96                     67.13

2012-13              95                      66.43

2013-14              83                     61.94

2014-15              92                     68.66

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